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Bin Rental Policy

We require a credit card at the time of booking to reserve your bin. The card that has been provided stays on file until the transaction is complete. The same card will be used for any additional charges such as any additional weight that is over the included amount, prohibited items, damage to equipment, and any additional days or extended rental periods.

If customers are unable to provide a credit card we accept Cash, or E-transfer. A deposit will be required with both methods to cover any additional, necessary charges mentioned above. The deposit is to be determined by the size of the bin, rental period, and any travel fees. Once the deposit has been exceeded it will need to be replaced.
We do not offer refunds on early pickups, if you would like your bin picked up at an earlier date from the original schedule, please give us a call to arrange a pickup.

Box spring $25 +HST
Mattress $25 +HST
Fridge/Freezer $155 +HST
Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier $155 +HST
Paint cans $25 each +HST (if found in bin with paint inside)
$200 +HST (if paint spills out into the bin)
Tires $20 +HST (per tire will be charged if they are discovered when the bin gets dumped)


We are not able to accept the following items and materials:
Paint cans
No items containing asbestos or lead.

Cylinders of any kind, propane tanks, oxygen cylinders, aerosol cans, etc...
Cleaning products or chemicals.
Blown in installation must be in bags, no exceptions.
Tires of any kind (small or large, rim or not). We do not accept tires.
Flammable materials such as fuels & oils, this includes old lawn mowers or motor bikes with fuel and oil in them.

Biohazards such as needles, medical isotopes, animal or human waste, dead animals.
Liquid waste of any kind.
Railroad ties
Tree stumps must be under 15ā€™ā€™ in diameter.
Pesticides and Fertilizers

Batteries such as the ones found in cars, boats, trucks, R.Vā€™s, or motorcycles. We do not accept batteries of any kind.

Concrete, dirt (unless we have approved your request to put these materials in).

  Customers will be required to remove items that we do not accept or will be charged an additional fee.
 Hot tubs & jacuzzi tubs must be cut into 4 pieces. If the tub is not cut up there will be a $150 charge plus weight.

12 Yard max weight -6800 LBS
14 Yard max weight -6540 Lbs
20 yard max weight -6000 Lbs

If you are located outside of Windsor please contact us for fuel charges.
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