We are a locally owned business that offers a variety of services to Windsor-Essex and surrounding areas.

We provide bin rentals, junk/debris removal, demolition of small to medium structures along with property cleanups. WES Group is dedicated to customer satisfaction, providing quality services and building relationships within our community.


 Important qualities for WES group and our customers


-Quality service

- Clear & open communication

- Up front pricing, with no hidden fees

-Getting your projects completed on time & keeping things moving!

 -Protecting your property and leaving your property cleaner then we found it!


How it works


Bin Rentals

When you are looking to book a bin with us, you can either book online or call for a quote. If you have specific questions about what can or cannot be put into the bin, the placement of the bin or which additional fees may apply. 

Feel free to call into our office to have your questions cleared up and answered. The bin would be dropped off on your requested date within an agreed upon time frame, when your finished with the bin we will pick it up and get it out of your way!

 If the weight is over the included tonnage or has any items that are considered billable, we will send over the waste ticket along with the updated invoice.



Debris/Junk removal, Property cleanup

For quotes on debris clean up/ junk removal inside or outside of your property you can send a picture for an estimate, so we can get an idea of what you have. We can also stop by the property to give you a more accurate quote. If you have heavy items, saturated items or have added items that are not shown in pictures, your quote may be slightly different from the pictures that you have provided.


Demolition services

We offer a variety of demolition and hauling services, and we would love to quote your project!

You can send us a picture of the structure or item that you would like demolished and removed along, with some details for a quick estimate. We will also come to give an in-person quote!


Residential, Commercial & Industrial! 

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality service!

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